B4 your FOMO gets harsh b/c you OH your teen using some SM slang and you didn't get it… keep reading.

Part of keeping the lines of communication open with your kids means actually understanding what they’re saying. This is hard. By way of help, we’ve put together a rundown of the latest popular social media slang terms. So maybe you won’t need to hire a translator to interpret your kid’s social media feed.

Let’s start with the easy ones:

SM: Social media

B4: Before

btw: By the way

CRE8: Create

idk: I don’t know

b/c: Because

GMAB: Give me a break

IMHO: In my humble opinion

U2U: Up to you

...And now the slightly more obscure:

FOMO: Fear of missing out; Lots of kids spend more time on social media than they might otherwise because of FOMO. If you turn off your phone, group chats will go on without you. Scary, right?

ICYMI: In case you missed it; This is what they tell the one kid who actually shuts his phone off for ten minutes, when he rejoins the group chat.

YOLO: You only live once; As a parent, I’d be a tiny bit afraid of seeing this in my kid’s feed. It seems like the sort of thing that gets written right before someone commits an illegal act or jumps off something really high.

FBF & TBT: Flash back Friday and Throw back Thursday; It’s ridiculous to me that someone who is only fourteen would have anything worthy of flashing back to... but then again, I’m old.

OH: Overheard; Whatever comes next is gossip of the highest order.

HMU: Hit me up; Used to ask someone to send you something, share some information, or get in touch

Hey, hit me up tonight after homework?

Bae: Before Anyone Else; Used in place of “Babe” or “Baby” usually between boyfriends and girlfriends (your b/f or g/f, of course). Whole articles are being written about how words like this pop into existence and catch on.

Creeper: The opposite of your bae—a socially invasive person

YAAAAAAAS: “Yes,” only with excess A’s for emphasis. According to the internet, this one has a long and colorful history (you can read about its origins here and listen to a whole podcast about it here—starting around 19:45).

Faceremorse: Remorse after posting on Facebook (or fb)

Facepalm: It's the written equivalent of the action you take when someone nearby does something irretrievably stupid. Here, let me translate that into early '80s terms for you:

…And the ones that will make you say, “WTF?!”:

FBO: FaceBook official. This is not to signify that you work for Facebook in an official capacity. According to the Urban Dictionary it’s:

The ultimate definition of a college relationship - when on one's facebook profile it says "In A Relationship" and your significant other's name.

"are adam and courtney dating?" "i don't know, they're not facebook official yet."

WCW and MCM: Woman crush Wednesday and Man crush Monday. Popular on Instagram for sharing photos of your current (usually celebrity) crush. I don’t know why.

143: I love you (1 letter in "I", 4 letters in "love", 3 letters in "you")

A3: Anyplace, anywhere, anytime

Ermahgerd: A play on "Oh my god." Click here to see the story of the girl behind the meme.

f9: Fine. Or, according to Urban Dictionary:

To go through relationships rapidly, to be promiscuous.

Derives from Chatroulette, where the F9 key brings another chat-partner up.

Dude 1: "I was thinking of trying to start a long-term devoted relationship with Maria."

Dude 2: "Not gonna happen. She straight F9s dudes."

GPOY: Gratuitous photo of yourself, usually accompanied by a photo that’s meant to represent the person sending it (e.g., a gif of someone dancing like a fool or an image of the sender making a funny face). GPOY started out on Tumblr where its meaning continues to expand.

GPOY has evolved to mean anything you identify with. It’s telling of the circular culture of vulnerability and approval on Tumblr that you can post an idea that is not actually you and tag it #GPOY to communicate to the rest of the world that you identify so much with that idea, you might as well be that idea — in fact you are so strongly identifying with that idea that it is “gratuitous” for you to have even posted it.

Now here's your reward for making it all the way to the bottom of this blog post:

Smugshrug: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This is by far the best thing the internet has ever come up with. It speaks for itself, really, and comes in handy all sorts of places. Like when your teen asks you what's for dinner. Or where all the clothes went, that you asked her three times to pick up off the floor of her room.

It's brilliant, and you only need to read this whole article to figure out how to text the smugshrug to your kid.

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