Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Can't really say why—maybe it's a combination of my love of autumn, and dressing up in costume, and ghost stories. In any case, as my kids get older I'm only too happy to look for ways to extend the Halloween fun into their teenage years.

It helps to have younger siblings and/or a group of like-minded teens to cruise the neighborhood with. And I agree with the Today Show that teens who go out trick-or-treating should dress enthusiastically enough to deserve all that free candy.

Aside from following their younger siblings around on Halloween night, how else can teens get in the spirit?

Snapchat filter halloween costumes

Those filters on Snapchat are one of the best things about social media, if you ask me. And they're the perfect basis for a teenage Halloween costume. Want to make your own?

  • Look here for some suggestions on how to do it
  • And also here

Want a timely (and cheap!) teenage-appropriate costume? Get a pair of round black glasses for a couple of bucks at the drugstore. Attach some gold painted metal washers to the upper outside edges. Pretend you're an early-adopter of Snap "Spectacles" (coming soon, $130)

Ghost photo effects

Ghost photography! It's like Instagram meets the Exorcist.

Here are a couple that look like fun (and also have pretty good reviews on the App Store):

Halloween themed Bitmoji

Never heard of Bitmoji? You're not alone. But among the under eighteen crowd they're wildly popular and super fun. Bitmoji is a free app that let's you create a cartoon avatar of yourself. Then, once you finish creating your digital look-alike, you can dress her up for Halloween. (I spent wayyyyy too long testing this out.)

Halloween inspired snacks

My daughters love Rosanna Pansino's YouTube channel "Nerdy Nummies." We even own a Nerdy Nummies cookbook.

Here she is making some Halloween-themed treats that are easy enough for your average teenage chef to recreate.

Ghost hunting apps

Does your teen secretly want to grow up to be a Ghostbuster? Then check out these ghost hunting apps:

An enterprising reporter took the above-listed apps and others on a test run through some of New York City's most haunted locations. This fun article—"Testing every ghost-hunting app in the most haunted buildings of NYC"—was the result.

Halloween Alternatives

If that's not enough to keep your teen busy, you can scroll through this comprehensive list of alternative Halloween suggestions.

One last thing

You know what scares me more than the latest horror flick or Stephen King novel? Not knowing what my kids are up to online late at night. However you decide to spend Halloween, keep an eye on what your teens are doing both in the real world and the digital one.

(p.s. RAKKOON can help.)