When we talk to kids about why they choose one social media app over another, we often hear they prefer apps focusing on images and video. Instagram has become so popular in part because it's all about images—including the filters that everyone loves (or loves to hate).

RAKKOON app showing photos and captions captured from Instagram

Is video the new photo?

Just as images have displaced text, videos are displacing images. During our user testing we've seen firsthand just how many videos kids are sending. Where, as an adult, I'd write a text message, kids will often send a short video. They trade funny videos they find on the web, ask questions of their friends, and offer little glimpses into their lives via video. Instagram has supported video since 2013 (and recently offered advertisers the option to post longer videos). Part of the appeal of Snapchat is how quickly you can send or watch a video and the new Live Stories feature presents a shared view of events like music festivals through curated videos.

RAKKOON Video Support

Videos captured from Snapchat showing in RAKKOON

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of social media is a priority for us, as a company. So we've recently been polishing up support for video in RAKKOON. That includes making playback within the app smooth and intuitive, extracting text from the video to check for concerning content, and detecting nudity. It's much harder to support video than images—videos are much larger, detecting nudity requires examining every single frame, and extracting text is more complex—but we feel it's essential given the importance of video in kids' social media lives.